News & Awards

* Genetics graduate student Kelsey Branchfield wins the 2016 "DB Outstanding Paper Award"

* Genetics undergraduate seniors Sara Grange and Julie Fischer receive Genetics Outsanding Senior Awards.

* Genetics graduate student Elaine Welch Feature on GSA Blog

* Genetics graduate students Randee Young and Leah Escalante receive NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

​*  Genetics undergraduate Caroline Hanson awarded Wisconsin Idea Fellowship for "The Tomato Project"

The Crow Professorship

Over the next year, The Laboratory of Genetics will honor Professor Jim Crow to celebrate what would have been his 100th birthday.  To celebrate the department is focused on reaching a $1 million goal to have a professorship in Prof. Crow’s honor.  The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has generously offered a 1:1 match on all donations to a total of $25,000.  If we max out this match it will put us over our goal, so please donate today!

 Click here to read the full article and make a donation to The Crow Professorship. 

Welcome to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Laboratory of Genetics.  The Laboratory of Genetics is comprised of two sister departments that function as one.  The Department of Genetics in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences was founded in 1910 and is the oldest genetics department in the country.  The Department of Medical Genetics, which recently celebrated its fiftieth anniversary, is housed within the School of Medicine and Public Health.  Our mission is to address fundamental problems in genetics as they relate to medicine, agriculture, and basic knowledge of biology. 

The Laboratory of Genetics is also home to the Genetics Training Program, with over 80 faculty trainers from diverse departments on campus that together provide graduate students diverse opportunities in modern genetics research.  Please visit our pages to find out more about us.

John Doebley
Chair, Laboratory of Genetics