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Welcome to the UW-Madison Genetics Training Program. As director of the Training Program, I invite you to explore our web site to learn about the outstanding research, training opportunities, and professional development we provide our students. We in the program take very seriously our role in training the next generation of geneticists for a range careers in science. We are proud to be recognized as one of the leading genetics training programs in the country. We care about our students and aim to provide the best possible training to position them as outstanding independent scientists.

The Training Program is housed in the Laboratory of Genetics, founded in 1910 and among the most historic departments in the country. Students who join our program can choose from over 80 faculty affiliated with the program. Researchers in the UW-Madison Genetics program conduct a wide range of world-class research on a variety of topics, combining a genetics perspective with cutting-edge technologies to answer new questions and tackle new problems in genetics and biology. This research is translating into significant benefits to society, impacting human health, agricultural practices, climate and bioenergy research, and more.

Our goal is to train the next generation of geneticists for diverse careers that leverage world-class expertise in genetic and genomic research. Students have a wide range of options in terms of laboratories to join and coursework to conduct; at the same time, students from our program are recognized as leaders in genetics and genomics because of the core intellectual focus of our program. An unparalleled feature of UW-Madison is the extensive level of interdisciplinary and cross-departmental collaboration, providing our students unique training experiences in doing modern biological research. We also provide diverse opportunities for professional development. UW-Madison has outstanding resources that many of our students participate in, including opportunities in entrepreneurship, teaching innovations, patent law, policy, and more. Graduates of the Genetics Training Program go on to fulfilling careers that include directing their own research labs, teaching and inspiring students at small and large colleges and universities, and contributing to the rapidly expanding areas of biotechnology, agriculture, and clinical and personalized medicine.

I welcome you to find out more about our program, our students, and our community on the pages that follow.

Audrey P. Gasch, PhD

Director, UW-Madison Genetics Training Program

Audrey P Gasch PhD director