Bret Payseur

Bret Payseur

Ph.D., University of Arizona, 2003
Postdoctoral Research: Cornell University 

Lab website:

Address: 2428 Genetics/Biotech

Telephone: 608-890-0867


Department: Medical Genetics

Research Interests

Genetics of speciation, genetics of adaptive evolution, recombination

Research Fields

Evolutionary Biology
Population Genetics
Quantitative Genetics

Research Description:

Bret Payseur uses genetics and genomics to understand mechanisms of evolution. Payseur and his students are discovering how one species becomes two, how organisms adapt to new environments, and how meiotic recombination evolves – all from a genetic perspective. Payseur’s research focuses on natural variation in a powerful genetic model organism, the house mouse.

Representative Publications:

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Turner, L. M., M. A. White, D. Tautz, and B. A. Payseur (2014). Genomic networks of hybrid sterility. PLoS Genetics 10:e1004162.

Gray, M. M., D. Wegmann, R. J. Haasl, M. A. White, S. I. Gabriel, J. B. Searle, R. J. Cuthbert, P. G. Ryan, and B. A. Payseur (2014). Demographic history of a recent invasion of house mice on the isolated Island of Gough. Molecular Ecology 23:1923-1939.

Wang, R., C. Ané, and B. A. Payseur (2013). The evolution of hybrid incompatibilities along a phylogeny. Evolution 67:2905-2922.

Haasl, R. J., and B. A. Payseur (2013). Microsatellites as targets of natural selection. Molecular Biology and Evolution 30:285-298.

Dumont, B. L., and B. A. Payseur (2011). Genetic analysis of genome-scale recombination rate evolution in house mice. PLoS Genetics 7:e1002116.