Grad Student Profiles

Marc Chevrette

Hometown: Boston, MA

Hobby: Hockey. Only hockey

Research Interests:

I am deeply interested in the genomics and evolution of polyketide and non-ribosomal peptide microbial secondary metabolites and their potential application as novel therapeutics.

What drew you to Madison?:
The storied history of microbiology, natural products chemistry, and genetics at Madison, coupled with the quality of faculty and graduate training at the interface of disciplines, fueled my decision to join the Genetics department.

Nicholas Santistevan

Hometown: Belen, New Mexico

Hobbies: I enjoy drawing and making art.

Research Interests:
I’m interested in understanding the genetic basis underlying the brain’s ability to filter sensory information.

What drew you to Madison?:

I was drawn to UW-Madison specifically for the Genetics program as it is well respected throughout the country. The draw of the city of Madison was the close proximity to the water, the cost of living, and all the great food options.

Jennifer Gilbert

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Hobbies: Video games, knitting, cooking, reading

Research Interests:

My current research interests include understanding pancreatic islet development.

What drew you to Madison?:

The happy, friendly graduate students and excellent faculty!

Christina Hansen

Hometown: Edmond, OK

Hobbies: Painting, yoga, cats.

Research Interests:

I’m interested in the molecular mechanisms of chromosome segregation and the consequences of improper segregation during meiosis such as inherited disorders and/or fetal death. I am also interested in evolutionary genetics, and would like to learn computational techniques necessary for large-scale genomic research.

What drew you to Madison?:

It was important to me to find a program that would not only train me to be an excellent scientist, but would also encourage active participation and communication with society as a way of translating research findings into public knowledge. The Genetics department at UW Madison seemed uniquely positioned to accomplish this goal, with a long standing tradition of both academic excellence and commitment to public outreach.