Caroline Alexander

Position title: Professor


Phone: 608-335 0491

Metabolic physiology

6515 WIMR2
Research Interests
Metabolic physiology
Research Fields
Disease Biology, Mouse and other mammals

Research Description:
We study aspects of metabolic physiology that govern tumor susceptibility, notably the role of skin as a modifier of systemic metabolism

Representative Publications:
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Kasza, I., Adler, D., Nelson, D.W., Eric Yen, C.L., Dumas, S., Ntambi, J.M., MacDougald, O.A., Hernando, D., Porter, W.P., Best, F.A., et al. (2019). Evaporative cooling provides a major metabolic energy sink. Mol Metab 27, 47-61.

Kasza, I., Kuhn, J.P., Volzke, H., Hernando, D., Xu, Y.G., Siebert, J.W., Gibson, A.L., Yen, C.E., Nelson, D.W., MacDougald, O.A., et al. (2021). Contrasting recruitment of skin-associated adipose depots during cold challenge of mouse and human. J Physiol.

Yu, D., Richardson, N.E., Green, C.L., Spicer, A.B., Murphy, M.E., Flores, V., Jang, C., Kasza, I., Nikodemova, M., Wakai, M.H., et al. (2021). The adverse metabolic effects of branched-chain amino acids are mediated by isoleucine and valine. Cell Metab 33, 905-922 e906.