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Mailing address:
Laboratory of Genetics
425-g Henry Mall
Madison, WI 53706-1580


608 262-2976


Doebley, John
Chairman, Laboratory of Genetics
5320 Genetics Biotechnology Center, 608-262-5388,

Laughon, Allen
Vice-Chairman, Laboratory of Genetics
3432 Genetics Biotechnology Center, 608-262-2456,

Gasch, Audrey
Director, Genetics PhD Training Grant
3426 Genetics Biotechnology Center, 608-265-0859,

Perna, Nicole
Director, J.F. Crow Institute for the Study of Evolution
4434 Genetics Biotechnology Center, 608-890-0171,

Grant and Financial Services

Flanagan, Mary Ellen
Grants Administrator: Grant proposals, project setup & closeout, MTAs, NCEs, RPPRs
1436 Genetics Biotechnology Center, 608-263-8941,

Knoflicek, Isaac
Financial Supervisor & IT Manager: Any technology support
1424 Genetics Biotechnology Center, 608-262-0260,

Strelchenko, Hannah
Financial Specialist: Lab supply purchasing, post award grants management, grants accounting, MDS billing, Chargebacks (CALS)
1440 Genetics Biotechnology Center, 608-262-3345,

Lu, Chunhua
Financial Specialist: Post award grants management, grants accounting, P-card billing (SMPH)
1440 Genetics Biotechnology Center, 608-261-1909,

Student Services and Advising

Reck, Martha
Senior Student Services Coordinator & PhD Program Administrator
1426 Genetics Biotechnology Center, 608-265-9285,

Tilmann, Kit
Instructional Faculty Associate: Teaching and Advising
1428 Genetics Biotechnology Center, 608-263-7580,

Vermillion Kalmon, Katie
Instructional Faculty Associate: Teaching and Advising
1430 Genetics Biotechnology Center, 608-265-2865,


Litza, Patrick
Department Administrator & Assistant to the Chair
1438 Genetics Biotechnology Center, 608-262-3112,

Hahne, Matt
Payroll and Benefits Specialist, building access.
1432 Genetics Biotechnology Center, 608-262-7729,

Brown, Patricia
Building/Grounds Superintendent: Building issues, liquid nitrogen and dry ice, loading dock and package deliveries
B1322 Genetics Biotechnology Center, 608-265-9827,

Rand, Kathy
University Services Associate: Genetics office operations, FedEx, directory, mail, information
1420 Genetics Biotechnology Center, 608-262-1069,