University of Wisconsin–Madison
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Genetics Faculty


Sean Carroll

Molecular Biology, Genetics and Medical Genetics
Genetic control of animal development and the evolution of morphological diversity

Qiang Chang

Medical Genetics and Neurology
DNA methylation-dependent epigenetic regulation of brain functions

John Doebley

Genetics and Medical Genetics
My research focuses on the genetics of the evolution of plant form using maize as our model system and quantitative genetics as our main analytical approach

William Engels

Genetics and Medical Genetics
Transposons/DNA repair

Audrey Gasch

Elucidating the role, regulation, and evolution of eukaryotic stress responses

Chris Todd Hittinger

We study the evolution of the gene networks that regulate yeast carbon metabolism, yeast biodiversity, and applications in the brewing and biofuel industries

Akihiro Ikeda

Medical Genetics
Our laboratory aims to identify genes involved in aging, cell proliferation and neovascularization using mouse genetics as a tool

Allen Laughon

Genetics and Medical Genetics
We study mechanisms by which Smad transcription factors and associated cofactors regulate transcription in response to TGFβ signaling

Laurence Loewe

Medical Genetics
Evolutionary systems biology, which bridges systems biology and population genetics with the help of computational modeling in diverse topics like circadian clocks, antibiotic resistance evolution, the population genetics of harmful mutations and species extinction

Patrick Masson

Genetics of Root Growth Behavior Using Arabidopsis thaliana as a Model System.

Kate O'Connor-Giles

We are interested in understanding the genes and molecular mechanisms that regulate synapse formation and plasticity

Bret Payseur

Genetics and Medical Genetics
Genetics of speciation, genetics of adaptive evolution, recombination

Francisco Pelegri

Genetics and Medical Genetics
Analysis of cellular and developmental mechanisms involved in the vertebrate egg-to-embryo transition and early cell fate specification

Nicole Perna

We focus on systems-scale evolutionary genomics of agriculturally, biomedically and industrially significant bacteria

John Pool

Population genomics and the genetic basis of adaptive evolution

Tomas Prolla

Genetics and Medical Genetics
DNA repair, cancer and the aging process

David Schwartz

Chemistry and Genetics
Scalable discovery of human and cancer structural variation through invention and applications of single molecule systems

Ahna Skop

Genetics and Life Science Communications
Asymmetric cell division, cytokinesis, cell polarity & cell cycle genomics and proteomics

David Wassarman

Medical Genetics
Mechanisms underlying neurodegeneration

Jerry Yin

Genetics and Neurology
We study how the cAMP/PKA/dCREB2 signaling pathway is involved in neuronal function (sleep and memory formation) and dysfunction (neurodegenerative diseases and developmental disabilities).

Xuehua Zhong

We are interested in understanding the fundamental mechanisms and biological roles of epigenetic modifications of DNA and histones underpinning various biological processes