Genetics Staff Scientists

Rodrigo Dutra Nunes

Credentials: Daniela Drummond-Barbosa Lab

Position title: I am a Scientist I. working on the effects of high sugar diet on the oogenesis and fertility of fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster)


Sara Faterioun

Credentials: Pelegri Lab

Position title: In addition to managing the fish facilities in the Pelegri Lab, I also work on a research project involving germ cell transplants between Danionin species.

Pronouns: she/her


Odette Herrand

Credentials: Drummond-Barbosa Lab

Position title: I study the effects of different yeast mutants on _D. melanogaster_ fertility. Understanding their metabolic requirements takes us a step closer to fully grasping stem cell maintenance and proliferation factors.


Sabarish Nagarajan

Credentials: Drummond-Barbosa Lab

Position title: I am a research associate and work on oogenesis using fruit flies as a model system. My specific work is to identify genes that regulate germline stem cells and their differentiation.


Sungjin Park

Credentials: Skop Lab

Position title: The midbody studies underway will be a huge achievement in saving people.


Max Shpak

Credentials: John Pool Lab and Steven Schrodi Lab

Position title: I conduct research in evolutionary genomics in John Pool's lab using both simulations and analyses of Drosophila genomic data. In Steven Schrodi's lab, I perform research in statistical and medical genetics, with a focus on the use of machine-learning algorithms to predict heritable disease risk from genotype.


Denise Smith

Credentials: Sharp Lab

Position title: I create mutations in yeast species using molecular methods. I also assist grad students in the Sharp lab with some aspects of their research and train undergrads in molecular methods.


Elizabeth Torr

Credentials: Skop lab

Position title: I am a researcher within the Skop lab looking into how midbodies transfer their RNA cargo into recipient cells. I work with a great group of enthusiastic undergraduates to accomplish this.