Schlimgen Award

The Schlimgen Award is bestowed to graduate students annually to recognize exceptional performance within the Genetics program or to acknowledge invaluable service to the program.  The award was established in remembrance of Katie Schlimgen (PhD 1991) by her family.  During her time in the Genetics program, Katie is described as having been fiercely determined and exceptionally innovative while demonstrating an intense commitment to excellence.  Her work in Professor Emeritus Dr. Barry Ganetzky’s lab was both complex and influential and she had high expectations for the output of the lab. Her influence is credited with raising the level of productivity and quality of the lab as a whole.


It is with these characteristics in mind that the Schlimgen award is bestowed every year.


Recent Schlimgen Award Recipients:

2012: Hongda Li & Kirk Burkhart

2013: Scott Gratz

2014: Richard Wang

2015: Daniel Woods

2016: Celeste Eno

2017: CJ Yang

2018: Nur Zafirah Zaidan & Brandon Pfannenstie

2019: Marc Chevrette & Quinn Langdon

2020: Michael Kartje & Kirsten Gotting