Jean-Michel Ané

Position title: Professor


Phone: 608-262-6457

Symbiotic associations between plants and microbes (bacteria and fungi)

5303 Microbial Sciences Building, Linden Drive, Madison WI 53706
PhD, University of Toulouse (France), 2002
Lab Website
Research Interests
Our lab studies symbiotic associations between plants and microbes (bacteria and fungi) using genetic, molecular, and biochemical approaches.
Research Fields
Plant genetics, Bacterial genetics, Fungal genetics

Research Description:
Understanding how symbiotic (beneficial) associations between plants and microbes develop is an important biological question that is particularly relevant in modern agriculture and economy. Our laboratory seeks to understand and manipulate the molecular mechanism controlling symbiotic associations between plants and microbes. We transfer information gained from model plants such as Medicago truncatula to crops such as soybean, rice and corn in order to take full advantage of the fantastic opportunities offered by these beneficial associations to our agriculture. Our goal is to use microbes better to maintain the sustainability of our agriculture by protecting the environment over the long term and reducing costs for food, feed and biofuel production.

Representative Publications:
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Garcia K, Delaux PM, Cope K, Ané JM. Molecular signals required for the establishment and maintenance of ectomycorrhizal symbioses. New Phytologist (in press).

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Delaux PM. Varala K, Edger PP, Coruzzi GM, Pires JC, Ané JM. Comparative Phylogenomics Uncovers the Impact of Symbiotic Associations on Host Genome Evolution. PLoS Genetics 10(7) e1004487, 2014.

Jayaraman D, Gilroy S, Ané JM. Staying in touch: mechanical signals in plant-microbe interactions. Current Opinion in Plant Biology, 20:104–109, 2014.

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Venkateshwaran M, Cosme A, Han L, Banba M, Satyshur KA, Schleiff E, Parniske M, Imaizumi-Anraku H, Ané JM. Recent evolution of a symbiotic ion channel in the legume family altered ion conductance and improved functionality in calcium signaling. The Plant Cell, 24 (6) 2528-45, 2012.