Robert I DeMars

Position title: Emeritus Professor


Phone: 608-262-3402

Genetics & Medical Genetics

555 Science Drive
Genetics & Medical Genetics

Research Description:
Somatic cells of humans are cultivated in the laboratory in order to study diverse questions with the techniques of somatic cell genetics and molecular biology. One major emphasis is on the use of cultured B lymphocytes to study the structure and functions of the human major histocompatibility complex. Transfer of appropriate cloned genes into appropriate mutant cells is used to study several questions, e.g. (i)Which specific T lymphocytes destroy the pancreatic islet cells in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus?; (ii)Which histocompatibility antigens are involved in the immune recognition of the HIV-1 virus that causes AIDS?; (iii)How do class I histocompatibility antigens control the expressions of immunoglobulin and of T cell receptors?; (iv)Can use of the in-vitro mutant B cell-gene transfer system expedite the development of vaccines?; The same cell culture-molecular biology technologies are being used to study two additional questions: (a) What is the molecular relation between the mechanisms that regulate X-chromosome-specific and cell type-specific transcription of the human X-chromosomal A-11 gene?; (b) Can we develop an in-vitro cell system for detecting induced partial or complete chromosome loss and mitotic recombination, since each process contributes to cancer causation in humans?

Dr. DeMars is no longer accepting graduate students.

Representative Publications:
McMaster, M. T., C. L. Librach, Y. Zhou, K. H. Lim, M. J. Janatpour, R. DeMars, S. Kovats, C. Damsky and S. J. Fisher. 1995. Human placental HLA-G expression is restricted to differentiatedcytotrophoblasts. J Immunol 154:3771-3778.
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