Albert Ellingboe

Position title: Emeritus Professor


Plant Pathology and Genetics

University of Minnesota (1957), Postdoctoral Research: University of Minnesota, 1957-58 Harvard University, 1958-60
Plant Pathology and Genetics

Research Description:
The research in my laboratory is a genetic approach to the interactions between plants and their parasites and pathogens. By the development of a sexually competent population of the pathogen Magnaporthe grisea, the incitant of the rice blast disease, we have been able to identfy the genes in the pathogen that determine the specificity of the interaction with the host and to identify the genes that determine whether the specificity is expressed. The information on the genetics of the pathogen is used to identify the genes in rice that determine and control the interactions with the pathogen. The objectives are to determine the interactions of the genes in each organism and the interactions between the organisms.

Dr. Ellingboe is no longer accepting graduate students.