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Jerry Kermicle

Emeritus Professor



2420 Genetics Biotechnology Center

Research Description:
Dr. Kermicle is no longer taking graduate students.

Representative Publications:
Kermicle, J. L., W. B. Eggleston and M. Alleman. 1995. Organization of paramutagenicity in R-stippled maize. Genetics 141:361-372.

Eggleston, W. B., M. Alleman and J. L. Kermicle. 1995. Molecular organization and germinal instability of R-stippled maize. Genetics 141:347-360.

Walker, E. L., T. P. Robbins, T. E. Bureau, J. Kermicle and S. L. Dellaporta. 1995. Transposon-mediated chromosomal rearrangements and gene duplications in the formation of the maize R-r complex. Embo J 14:2350-2363.

Alleman, M. and J. L. Kermicle. 1993. Somatic variegation and germinal mutability reflect the position of transposable element Dissociation within the maizeR gene. Genetics 135:189-203.

Robbins, T. P., E. L. Walker, J. L. Kermicle, M. Alleman and S. L. Dellaporta. 1991. Meiotic instability of the R-r complex arising from displaced intragenic exchange and intrachromosomal rearrangement. Genetics 129:271-83.

Kermicle, J. L. and M. Alleman. 1990. Gametic imprinting in maize in relation to the angiospermlife cycle. Dev Suppl 9-14.

Dooner, H. K. and J. L. Kermicle. 1971. Structure of the R r tandem duplication in maize. Genetics 67:437-54.