Amy Moser

Position title: Associate Professor


Phone: 608-265-6520

Human Oncology
The role of modifier genes in mammary and colon cancer development

K4 Bx5666 Clinical Sciences
Ph.D., University of Michigan, (1983), Postdoctoral Research: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Human Oncology
Research Interests
The role of modifier genes in mammary and colon cancer development
Research Fields
Disease Biology, Human, mouse & rat

Research Description:
The research areas under study in my laboratory are: 1) Identification of genes involved in mammary tumor susceptibility and resistance, 2) The role of the Apc (adenomatous polyposis coli) gene in mammary gland development and maintenance, and 3) Characterization of the molecular events that occur during neoplastic transformation of the mammary gland in vivo. For these studies we utilize mice carrying a mutant allele of Apc, Min (multiple intestinal neoplasia). Min/+ mice are predisposed to intestinal and mammary neoplasia. We have found that genetic background can affect the susceptibility to both mammary and intestinal tumor formation. We are concentrating on the role of these modifier genes in the mammary gland. We are using genetic approaches to identify and characterize loci involved in susceptibility to mammary neoplasia.

Representative Publications:
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Kohlhepp RL. Hegge LF. and Moser AR. 2001. The ROSA26 LacZ-neo(R) insertion confers resistance to mammary tumors in Apc(Min/+) mice. Mammalian Genome. 12(8):606-11.

Karabinis ME. Larson D. Barlow C. Wynshaw-Boris A. Moser AR. 2001. Heterozygosity for a mutation in Brca1 or Atm does not increase susceptibility to ENU-induced mammary tumors in Apc(Min)/+ mice. Carcinogenesis. 22(2):343-6.

Kohlhepp RL. Hegge LF. Nett JE. Moser AR. 2000. ROSA26 mice carry a modifier of Min-induced mammary and intestinal tumor development. Mammalian Genome. 11(12):1058-62.

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