University of Wisconsin–Madison
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences | School of Medicine and Public Health

De-Ann M. Pillers

Affiliate Professor

McConnell-4 Neonatology, 202 S Park St, Madison

Pediatrics and Medical Genetics
Research Interests
Molecular and medical genetics, non-muscle manifestations of inherited muscular dystrophies, genetic risk factors for premature birth and its complications, vision science
Research Fields
Muscular dystrophies, Neonatal medicine, Neurosensory biology, Vision Science

Representative Publications:
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Cell line donor genotype and its influence on experimental phenotype: Toll-like receptor SNPs and potential variability in innate immunity. Tokarz SA, DeValk J, Luo W, Pattnaik BR, Schrodi SJ, Pillers DA. Molecular genetics and metabolism. 2016; 118(3):147-52. PubMed [journal]PMID: 27324283

Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy: a test case for precision medicine. Pillers DA, Von Bergen NH. The application of clinical genetics. 2016; 9:27-32. PubMed [journal]PMID: 26966385 PMCID: PMC4771400

A Novel KCNJ13 Nonsense Mutation and Loss of Kir7.1 Channel Function Causes Leber Congenital Amaurosis (LCA16). Pattnaik BR, Shahi PK, Marino MJ, Liu X, York N, Brar S, Chiang J, Pillers DA, Traboulsi EI. Human mutation. 2015; 36(7):720-7. PubMed [journal]PMID: 25921210

An overview of pulmonary surfactant in the neonate: genetics, metabolism, and the role of surfactant in health and disease. Nkadi PO, Merritt TA, Pillers DA. Molecular genetics and metabolism. 2009; 97(2):95-101. NIHMSID: NIHMS119516 PubMed [journal]PMID: 19299177 PMCID: PMC2880575

Detection of ureaplasma DNA in endotracheal samples is associated with bronchopulmonary dysplasia after adjustment for multiple risk factors. Colaizy TT, Morris CD, Lapidus J, Sklar RS, Pillers DA. Pediatric research. 2007; 61(5 Pt 1):578-83. PubMed [journal]PMID: 17413863

A novel dystrophin isoform is required for normal retinal electrophysiology. D’Souza VN, Nguyen TM, Morris GE, Karges W, Pillers DA, Ray PN. Human molecular genetics. 1995; 4(5):837-42. PubMed [journal]PMID: 7633443