Steven Schrodi

Position title: Assistant Professor


Website: Schrodi Lab Website

Phone: (608) 263-0751

Medical Genetics
Human genomics of inflammatory diseases, statistical genetics, genetic architecture of diseases


Medical Genetics

Research Interests

Mapping genetic regions involved in complex diseases   

Research Fields

Human Genomics, Statistical Genetics, Theoretical Genetics

Research Description:

A complex interplay between genetics, epigenetics and environmental exposures causes common disease states and impacts disease severity, trajectory and treatment efficacy.  Although progress is accelerating, these causal factors and their interactions remain poorly understood.  Gaining insight into the molecular pathogenesis of these phenotypes requires interdisciplinary approaches involving human population genetics, powerful statistical methods, disease genetics models, pathway biochemistry, clinical knowledge, and new genomic techniques.  Successful human genetics studies not only reveal the underlying molecular mechanisms that drive disease susceptibility and suggest novel therapeutics, but, more broadly, also illuminate fundamental genotype-phenotype connections.

The Schrodi Lab is focused on two main areas of investigation: 1) the development of realistic disease genetics models that motivate novel statistical analyses to better discover regions of the genome and epigenome that contribute to disease risk, and 2) the application of these methods to study the inherited component of immunopathologies and metabolic diseases.  Primarily using molecular intermediate phenotypes coupled with these non-traditional genetic mapping methods, we aim to discover the genetics and epigenetics that drive autoimmunity, systemic inflammation, and metabolic dysfunction.  Additionally, we have an interest in developing molecular-based predictive models for these diseases.

Representative Publications:

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