2020 Outstanding Senior Award Winners Announced

The CALS Senior Award is a yearly award for outstanding students in the Genetics and Genomics major who are graduating.  We like to honor students’ achievements inside and outside the classroom.   Holistic reviews were given to all students, with a keen look at GPA and academic records, student organization participation, research, leadership, professional development and other activities.  This year there were two stand-out candidates and thus we decided to award both!

Please join is in congratulating Andi Pan and Mario Bertogliat!


These students have exhibited exemplary skills in research, leadership, academics, and more during their time at UW-Madison majoring in Genetics and Genomics.

Congratulations on your achievements! All of us in the Laboratory of Genetics congratulate every student in the Class of 2020 on their graduation.

For any students wanting to look through the Genetics Class of 2020 Yearbook, you can download it here.