Professor Skop highlighted in the IF/THEN She Can Exhibit

Professor Ahna Skop was recently awarded an AAAS IF/THEN ambassador for women in STEM. She is currently found in statue form an art exhibit of the very first of its kind.

The IF/THEN She Can exhibit in the Dallas’ North Part Center. If you are interested in visiting the display it’s open to the public now until the end of October 2021. The monumental exhibit is the most women statues ever assembled in one location, at one time. The 125+ 3D printed statues are of contemporary female STEM professionals and role models from a variety of scientific industries including entertainment, sports, business and academia.

The installation is rooted in a simple truth: seeing in believing. When a girl sees a woman pursing a STEM career (and having fun!), she is more likely to imaging a STEM career for herself…and perhaps even the possibility of changing the world. Professor Skop’s 3D likeness joins dozens of other women to empower and inspire the next generation of women in STEM.

The IF/THEN program is sponsored by the AAAS and the Lyda Hill Philanthropies (based in Dallas), and numerous coalition members. The IF/THEN program serves as an agent for these women scientists and they are given opportunities to participate in a variety of outreach activities available to them through the agency, including being highlighted on the Saturday morning CBS Mission Unstoppable TV show.

To read more about the exhibit and the IF/THEN program, click here.