Ashley-Grace Dureke nominated for Student Employee of the Year


Genetics student and member of the Skop Lab, Ashley-Grace Dureke has been nominated for this year’s student employee of the year. She joined Ahna Skop’s team last year and has quickly proven to be an integral member of the lab.

Professor Skop on Ashley’s contributions: “Ashley is someone that everyone in my lab loves. Her respect, communication and dedication to the job and team are obvious. Everyone is like: ‘Wow Ashley is amazing’ I hear it weekly if not daily about how much she is appreciated in the lab in all regards. Ashley’s strong suit is her communication skills. She responds quickly and effectively both via email, text and our SLACK channel. She’s a true team player and her dedication to the job and team are outstanding.”

Congratulations Ashley! To read more about the student employees of the year and how to nominate students for the 2022-2023 year, click here.