Genetics grad Robert Hall honored with Outstanding Returning Adult Student Award

2023 Genetics and Genomics graduate Robert Hall is one of this year’s recipients of the Outstanding Returning Adult Student awards, a program that recognizes returning adult undergraduate students whose exceptional determination and perseverance have enabled them to pursue their academic work and to contribute to the community as demonstrated by their leadership and service.

Robert has recently been awarded other senior awards such as the WALSAA Senior Impact Award, Bucky Award Outstanding Senior, and the Ginsberg Award through the McBurney Center. Additionally, he previously received the 2022-2023 Wisconsin Idea Fellowship for his Liberated Intellects project.

Prior to heading to Stanford in the fall to pursue his PhD, Hall will spend 18 weeks doing biomedical research with the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. As a PhD student at Stanford, Hall hopes to study evolutionary biology and genetics, ultimately to influence animal conservation and become a professor.

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