Bacteria and other microbes

Faculty studying bacteria and other microbes

Jean-Michel Ane

Symbiotic associations between plants and microbes (bacteria and fungi)

Cameron Currie

Ecological and evolutionary genomics of symbiotic systems

Timothy Donohue

Unlocking the secrets of microbes to benefit society

Richard Gourse

Control of gene expression and the structure of the bacterial chromosome

Robert Landick

RNA polymerase structure/function; regulation of RNA chain elongation

Carol Eunmi Lee

Integrative Biology and Center for Rapid Evolution
Rapid Evolutionary responses to global change, including biological invasions, climate, and pollution. Genetic architecture of invasive species, functional ecological and evolutionary genomics

Caitlin Pepperell

Ecological and evolutionary interactions between humans and human pathogens

Nicole Perna

Systems-scale evolutionary genomics of agriculturally, biomedically and industrially significant bacteria

Jason Peters

Pharmaceutical Sciences
Gene networks and genetic tools in bacteria.

David Schwartz

Chemistry and Genetics
Scalable discovery of human and cancer structural variation through invention and applications of single molecule systems

Jue D. (Jade) Wang

Genome stability, DNA replication and stress response in bacteria