Genetics PhD Introductions

Welcome to the Wisconsin Genetics PhD video introduction Series!

Introductions to current students and their research:

Rebecca Salamon – Development

Cris Carrera-Carriel and Ryan Ward – Genomics & Proteomics

Sarah Leichter – Gene Expression

Trevor Chamberlain – Evolutionary Genetics

Khagani Eynullazada – Genomics & Proteomics

Megan McKeon – Cell Biology

Ben Hall – Computational, Systems & Synthetic Biology

Ziyao Zhang – Neurogenetics and Behavior

Broader videos about Grad study at Wisconsin, the University, and Madison:

Touring our campus neighborhood – by Genetics PhD Students Sierra Love, Audrey Marsh, and Megan McKeon:

Graduate Study in the Biological Sciences:

Graduate Study at the University of Wisconsin:

Tour of Campus and Downtown: