Genomics and Proteomics

Faculty studying genomics and proteomics

Reid Alisch

Neurological Surgery
The role of epigenetics in human health and disease processes, particularly in relation to the origins of mental illness.

Alan Attie

Genetics of type 2 diabetes and related metabolic diseases

Anjon Audhya

Biomolecular Chemistry
Regulation of vesicle biogenesis and membrane transport during development

Karl Broman

Biostatistics and Medical Informatics
 genetics and genomics

Cameron Currie

Ecological and evolutionary genomics of symbiotic systems

Timothy Donohue

Unlocking the secrets of microbes to benefit society

David Eide

Nutritional Science
How cells and organisms survive and thrive under nutrient-deficient conditions

Feyza Engin

Biomolecular Chemistry
Diabetes and metabolic disorders, organelle dysfunction, stress responses, beta cell biology

Catherine Fox

Biomolecular Chemistry
Mechanisms required for genome duplication and stability in eukaryotic organisms

Audrey Gasch

Genetics and Medical Genetics
Elucidating the role, regulation, and evolution of eukaryotic stress responses

Melissa Harrison

Biomolecular Chemistry
Studying embryonic development to understand the transcriptional mechanisms for a totipotent state

Chris Todd Hittinger

Evolution of carbon-responsive gene networks, yeast biodiversity, industrial brewing and biofuel applications

Akihiro Ikeda

Medical Genetics
Identifying genes involved in aging, cell proliferation and neovascularization using mouse genetics

Judith Kimble

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Medical Genetics
Molecular regulation of germ line self-renewal and differentiation in C. elegans

Patrick Krysan

Functional genomics of Arabidopsis signal transduction

Ahmed Mahmoud

Cell and Regenerative Biology
Mammalian cardiac regeneration

Paul Marker

Prostate biology, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and cancer using mouse genetics and clinical samples

Patrick Masson

Genetics of root growth behavior using Arabidopsis thaliana as a model system.

David McCulley

Developmental biology and genetics related to lung and pulmonary vascular development and disease.

Phil Newmark

Integrative Biology
Germ cell development and regeneration in planarians; developmental biology of parasitic flatworms

Brian Parks

Nutritional Sciences
Leveraging genetics to understand the pathways and molecular mechanisms that contribute to metabolic diseases.

Bret Payseur

Genetics and Medical Genetics
Speciation, Evolution of Extreme Phenotypes, Recombination

Caitlin Pepperell

Ecological and evolutionary interactions between humans and human pathogens

Nicole Perna

Systems-scale evolutionary genomics of agriculturally, biomedically and industrially significant bacteria

Jason Peters

Pharmaceutical Sciences
Gene networks and genetic tools in bacteria.

John Pool

Population genomics and the genetic basis of adaptive evolution

Tomas Prolla

Genetics and Medical Genetics
DNA repair, cancer and the aging process

David Schwartz

Chemistry and Genetics
Scalable discovery of human and cancer structural variation through invention and applications of single molecule systems

Nathaniel Sharp

Mutation, Evolution, Genome Architecture, Genetic Variation, Sexual Selection

Ahna Skop

Genetics, Medical Genetics and Life Science Communications
Asymmetric cell division, cytokinesis, cell polarity & cell cycle genomics and proteomics

Rupa Sridharan

Cell and Regenerative Biology
Epigenetics and Induced pluripotent stem cells

Michael Sussman

Signal transduction and plasma membrane receptors in Arabidopsis thaliana, genomic technologies

Randal Tibbetts

Human Oncology
Genetic control of DNA replication and repair in mammals. Mechanisms of neurodegeneration in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

Jue D. (Jade) Wang

Genome stability, DNA replication and stress response in bacteria

Donna Werling

Genetic risk for autism and other neuropsychiatric conditions, sex differences in neurobiology and risk for disease

Jae-hyuk Yu

Molecular genetics and genomics of spore formation and mycotoxin biosynthesis in filamentous fungi

Jing Zhang

Using genetically engineered mouse models to study normal and mutant hematopoietic stem cell functions

Xinyu Zhao

Genetics and epigenetic regulation of neural stem cells and neuronal development

Xuehua Zhong

Mechanisms and roles of epigenetic modifications underpinning various biological processes