Faculty studying development

Caroline Alexander

Analysis of breast development, signaling and disease

Reid Alisch

Neurological Surgery
The role of epigenetics in human health and disease processes, particularly in relation to the origins of mental illness.

Richard Amasino

Understanding how plants sense and respond to seasonal environmental changes

Jean-Michel Ane

Symbiotic associations between plants and microbes (bacteria and fungi)

Anjon Audhya

Biomolecular Chemistry
Regulation of vesicle biogenesis and membrane transport during development

Arash Bashirullah

Intercellular communication: uncovering mechanisms that coordinate the development of multicellular organisms

Seth Blair

Integrative Biology
Developmental genetics of patterning and cell signaling in Drosophila

Barak Blum

Cell and Regenerative Biology
Regenerative biology of the endocrine pancreas, genetics of type-1 and type-2 diabetes

Grace Boekhoff-Falk

Developmental biology, gene expression, hormones, growth and differentiation factors

Hao Chang

Planar cell polarity in mammalian skin development and cancer

Qiang Chang

Medical Genetics and Neurology
DNA methylation-dependent epigenetic regulation of brain functions

Daniel S. Greenspan

Cell and Regenerative Biology
Genes important to vertebrate development and human disease

Anne Griep

My laboratory's focus is development and disorders of the visual system using the mouse as the model system

Yevgenya Grinblat

Integrative Biology and Neuroscience
Pattern formation, neural development, zebrafish developmental genetics

Mary Halloran

Integrative Biology
Understanding mechanisms controlling development of the nervous system

Jeff Hardin

Integrative Biology
Using C. elegans to study cell movement and adhesion during embryonic development

Melissa Harrison

Biomolecular Chemistry
Studying embryonic development to understand the transcriptional mechanisms for a totipotent state

Zhen Huang

Neurology and Nueroscience
Neuron and glial cell fate specification and differentiation, cortical neuron migration, migration disorders

Junsu Kang

Cell and Regenerative Biology
Zebrafish, regeneration, fin, heart, enhancer, genetic mutant

Nancy Keller

Bacteriology and Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Exploring genetic regulation of virulence and natural product synthesis by fungi

Judith Kimble

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Medical Genetics
Molecular regulation of germ line self-renewal and differentiation in C. elegans

Allen Laughon

Genetics and Medical Genetics
Smad transcription factors and associated cofactors in response to TGF-beta signaling

Peter Lewis

Biomolecular Chemistry
Epigenetic Mechanisms in Development and Cancer

Ahmed Mahmoud

Cell and Regenerative Biology
Mammalian cardiac regeneration

Paul Marker

Prostate biology, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and cancer using mouse genetics and clinical samples

Patrick Masson

Genetics of root growth behavior using Arabidopsis thaliana as a model system.

David McCulley

Developmental biology and genetics related to lung and pulmonary vascular development and disease.

Phil Newmark

Integrative Biology
Germ cell development and regeneration in planarians; developmental biology of parasitic flatworms

Francisco Pelegri

Genetics and Medical Genetics
Cellular and developmental mechanisms in the vertebrate egg-to-embryo transition, early cell fate specification

Ahna Skop

Genetics, Medical Genetics and Life Science Communications
Asymmetric cell division, cytokinesis, cell polarity & cell cycle genomics and proteomics

Rupa Sridharan

Cell and Regenerative Biology
Epigenetics and Induced pluripotent stem cells

Michael Taylor

School of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences Division
Genetic dissection of blood-brain barrier development

David Wassarman

Medical Genetics
Mechanisms underlying neurodegeneration

Deneen Wellik

Cell & Regenerative Biology
The role of Hox genes in the development, growth and homeostasis of the adult skeleton, muscle and lung.

Jill Wildonger

How neuronal structure and function is shaped by the microtubule cytoskeleton and polarized transport

Jae-hyuk Yu

Molecular genetics and genomics of spore formation and mycotoxin biosynthesis in filamentous fungi

Jing Zhang

Using genetically engineered mouse models to study normal and mutant hematopoietic stem cell functions

Xinyu Zhao

Genetics and epigenetic regulation of neural stem cells and neuronal development

Xuehua Zhong

Mechanisms and roles of epigenetic modifications underpinning various biological processes