University of Wisconsin–Madison
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences | School of Medicine and Public Health

Computational, Systems and Synthetic Biology

Faculty studying computational, systems and synthetic biology

Reid Alisch

The role of epigenetics in human health and disease processes, particularly in relation to the origins of mental illness.

Alan Attie

Genetics of type 2 diabetes and related metabolic diseases

Karl Broman

Biostatistics and Medical Informatics
 genetics and genomics

Timothy Donohue

Unlocking the secrets of microbes to benefit society

Heidi Dvinge

Biomolecular Chemistry
Mechanisms of RNA splicing and splicing dysregulation in disease; downstream processing of RNA splice variants, including regulation of cellular localization and degradation; molecular function of protein isoforms of cancer-relevant genes

William Engels

Genetics and Medical Genetics
Transposons/DNA repair

Audrey Gasch

Genetics and Medical Genetics
Elucidating the role, regulation, and evolution of eukaryotic stress responses

Chris Todd Hittinger

Evolution of carbon-responsive gene networks, yeast biodiversity, industrial brewing and biofuel applications

Judith Kimble

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Medical Genetics
Molecular regulation of germ line self-renewal and differentiation in C. elegans

Laurence Loewe

Medical Genetics
Simulation of molecular and evolutionary processes and programming language architecture for evolutionary systems biology.

Bret Payseur

Genetics and Medical Genetics
Speciation, Evolution of Extreme Phenotypes, Recombination

Francisco Pelegri

Genetics and Medical Genetics
Cellular and developmental mechanisms in the vertebrate egg-to-embryo transition, early cell fate specification

Caitlin Pepperell

Ecological and evolutionary interactions between humans and human pathogens

Nicole Perna

Systems-scale evolutionary genomics of agriculturally, biomedically and industrially significant bacteria

John Pool

Population genomics and the genetic basis of adaptive evolution

Sushmita Roy

Biostatistics and Medical Informatics
Machine learning methods; the structure, function and evolution of regulatory networks; predictive models

David Schwartz

Chemistry and Genetics
Scalable discovery of human and cancer structural variation through invention and applications of single molecule systems

Xuehua Zhong

Mechanisms and roles of epigenetic modifications underpinning various biological processes